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Anatomy of a Master Bathroom Renovation

thumb_IMG_2170_1024I’ve been working with a couple since 1991, and it is always nice to watch how their home evolves and changes with different times and styles. The need to adjust a room happens often, as the tenants determine novelties they wish to incorporate. For this couple in particular, the bathroom was a focal point of several renovations. We performed a facelift on their master bathroom in 1993. It is a small space, with a tub/shower combo and toilet. This model is conveniently tailored to their lifestyles, as the husband prefers to take a bath daily, while his wife prefers to shower.
thumb_IMG_2171_1024Recently, they requested a renovation that would include a separate tub and a shower inside the bathroom. They also desired natural daylight in order to brighten the room and bring a lighter, airy feel. Join me on our weekly journey through this renovation process.
This photo represents the “before” look, showcasing how the room appears today, before construction begins on Monday. I’ll be posting photos and descriptions every Friday until the room is complete, so be tuned!

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